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Maisha Trust

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Welcome To Maisha Development Trust


 aisha Development Trust (MDT) is a registered non-governmental organization (NGO) in Kenya with its headquarters in Homa Bay Town. Currently, MDT operates in the four informal settlements of Homa Bay Town (Shauri Yako, Misita, Makongeni and Sofia), but has plans to scale up projects to the entire county and the entire Nyanza region

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The Target Area

Like other informal settlements the world over, life in the informal settlements of Homa Bay Town is characterized by economic deprivation, diminished opportunity to nurture and exploit potential among young people, and social disorder. Access to basic needs including housing and sanitation is undermined by the cycle of poverty that is reinforced by lack of access to education that guarantees employment and improvement in wages and/or salaries. As a result, dwellers are exposed to rising criminality, intolerance and a poor work ethic. Energies of young people are increasingly directed to negative peer influence and school dropout, leading to drug abuse and HIV/AIDS. If not addressed, slum communities will continue to suffer social exclusion and crime will escalate to the entire town, negating any gains made on economic development


MDT is based in Homa Bay town, the headquarters of Homa Bay County located on the southern shores of the gulf of Winam of Lake Victoria. The town is 105 km southwest of Kisumu and 405 km northwest of capital city Nairobi. The organization is located in a serene environment just within the proximity of the CBD, and can be accessed both by road, water and air as the town enjoys connectivity to road, water and air transport. .....read more


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Fighting Open Defecation 

Widespread open defecation in the informal settlements is a leading cause of communicable diseases



In partnership with the Housing Department, we capacity build landlords in the slums to adopt modern, durable and cost effective building technology. The challenge of sinking soil remains

One of the clients counting her pills as a means of assessing adherence

Promoting Adherence to HIV Care & Treatment 

We partner with the health systems to ensure clients can be retained in care and treatment and their families can enjoy better livelihoods due to improved economic opportunities